Recent Editorial in the Mitchell News Journal and Yancey Common Times.

In these uncertain and dangerous times it is vitally important that “you know who you are”. If someone directly asked you what your fundamental beliefs and principles are, would you be able to answer other than saying “I am a Democrat, Republican or Independent”? In these politically polarizing times, party politics are completely unimportant. Principles, values and character are what counts. With the passing of the Health Care bill, we have just had the worst week in recent history for the Constitution and the basic foundation of this great country and it is time for people to really evaluate what the believe.
I can proudly and without shame tell you what my fundamental beliefs are and I am not talking about party politics. I am a Christian, I am not saying I am the best Christian, but I firmly believe in God and Jesus. I believe in our Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe that this country was divinely inspired. I believe in the premise of personal responsibility and even more so, personal liberty. I believe that people should be allowed to succeed and even more importantly fail based on their own merits. I believe that our leaders, local, state and national, should be men and women of virtue and moral character. I believe that charity starts at home and in our communities and churches. I believe that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. I believe that the government does not belong in our homes, our schools, the raising of our children or in our churches. I believe in both the basic good and potential for evil in all people. Most of all, I believe that our founders were men of incredible foresight and had almost a prophetic ability to predict the rise and fall of great nations at the hands of evil and corrupt Men. I believe in “American Exceptionalism”, which doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge that as a country we have made mistakes. I also believe with all of my heart and soul that most Americans hold the same basic beliefs and that we have allowed ourselves to be asleep at the wheel for decades while the politicians pitted us against each other. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to examine ourselves and our beliefs and then stand up and fight for them.

 I welcome responses to this letter and hope that you will take a moment and really think about your core beliefs and fundamental principles!

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